Holiday Table Decor for less

I have found that in this economy creating decor on a tight budget has now become the norm.  The days of having a large decor budget are few are far between.   Here are a few inexpensive ways to decorate for the holiday parties without looking like you were on a small budget.

Table decor

Instead of using an overlay, why not use the event site’s linens and rent chair ties to drape over the linen instead of a costly overlay.  Usually the hotel will have white linens so you an rent one green and one red chair tie to add a touch of holiday color.  Or for a Hannukah celebration rent two blue chair tiers.  It gives that holiday color you want at a cost of just $2.00.

Brocade chair tie adds richness to plain linen

Tabletop Decor

One of my favorite cost effective centerpieces is using glass cylinders.  They come in all different heights.  You can use them in groupings or just a single one either way you will get a great effect.  Just add water and a floating candle and you’re done!  To create a holiday look you three cyliners in different height and add food coloring in red, green or blue.  You can even use colored candles.  They come in gold, silver, white, red for the holiday colors.  There is even a floating Snowman!

This is a very inexpensive holiday look.

The least inexpensive is to just add ribbon (use wire ribbon) and water.  It’s festive and you can use the left over ribbon as napkin holders!

A great way to brand your centerpieces is to make an RTF (clear sticker) and place it on the glass cylinders.  For corpporate events you can use your Client’s logo and for social events you can print a Happy Holiday message.

Branded Centerpiece

Another great centerpiece is renting a neon one.  They come is different shapes and light up a room.

You can also take leaves and wrap them around the cylinder to create an inexpensive floral effect.   Just add water and a candle and you have a fabulous look!

I love my glass cylinders because they look good and save my Clients money!

I hope these ideas have helped you with your event.  If you have any economical decor ideas please share them!

Happy Planning!