Saving money on your next event

In this economy Clients are looking for ideas to save money without hurting the quality of their event.  I always tell them that the one thing they should not cut back on is entertainment.  You can get the most entertainment from  keyboardist with a synthesizer.  A synthesizer is like having a full blown orchestra.  There are also Keyboardist who sing and play other instruments.  It’s the most inexpensive way to go.  Then, of course, there is also a Disc Jockey.  There is nothing like a great DJ.  They can really get the crowd going!

Where and when to have your event?

If you are on a limited budget, the best place (besides your home for small events) is a hotel.  A room that is already beautiful allows you to save on decor.  Hotels have the tables, chairs silverware etc already which will save you tons of money.

Use the hotel’s linens.  Linens are a big expense and using the existing linens will save you hundreds of dollars.  To add color to the table use two chair ties which will cost you $1-2.00 a piece or sprinkle confetti.

For centerpieces most hotels have votive candles that you can place around your centerpiece to add atmosphere.  If you do not have a budget a really small budget for centerpieces ask the hotel is they have mirror plates.  Place one in the center of the table, sprinkle petals (rose petals are the best) on the mirror with the votive candles. (Use five votives minimum for a table of ten).

Have your event off season.  Where ever your event is there is always a time when hotels are less busy.  That is the perfect time for you to negotiate a good deal.  The best day to do a party is on Sunday. Find a hotel that serves a Sunday brunch.  This is the best value for your dollar. Your guests get a variety to chose from and some brunches even include a glass of champagne or mimosas!

To save on photography why not have your guests be your photographer.  It’s a great way to get pictures from all different perspectives.  Your guests truly feel that they are part of the party and you get tons of photos!  You can even have custom cameras made with you photo on them or saying. This way you will be guaranteed to get photos and never hear “I lost the film”!!

If you are having a wedding, I recommend Publix for your cake.  They do beautiful work and the cakes are great!

If you have any great ideas please share!

Happy Planning!!


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