The New Décor – Lighting

Over the last several years budgets have been slashed. Creating a “wow” in a room has become harder and harder. That is why I love lighting!  I am especially crazy about gobos.  For those of you who don’t know what gobos are they are patterns of lights.  They can be swirls, odd  shapes and even custom patterns.  Using them on corporate events is a great way to brand it.  Gobos can be made in a corporation’s logo that can be projected from 4′ – 40′ wide.  You can project it onto walls, buildings, floors  wherever you want. Gobos are used a lot in weddings to project the bride & groom’s name onto the dance floor.  They are inexpensive ($100-$200 for a steel gobo) and can be any color just by adding a piece of colored film.

Another amazing lighting effect is the Star Maze.  This impactful effect comes out of a small box but once turned on it creates a huge sky of moving stars and clouds!  It truly creates the effect of bringing the outdoors inside.

Intelligent lighting is similar to gobos in a way because they both project patterns, however, intelligent lights are colorful and they even move!  If you have ever been to  a dance club you have seen these lights.  They create a truly exciting atmosphere.  The best thing about them is that they work best when projected onto a white surface, so hotel linens (usually white) are perfect!

I love lighting and you will too!

Happy Planning!