Wedding Tips

Weddings are an exciting time.  It is truly a special day that will be remembered by the bride and Groom their entire life.  It should be the perfect day but perfection can be expensive.  Here are some inexpensive tips to help keep the costs down.


1.  Book your site off season.  It may not be your ideal time but booking off season will save you money not only on the site but with all your vendors.

2.  Instead of an evening wedding why not do brunch?  If you find a site that does a regular Sunday try to capitalize on it.  Brunches usually have mimosas or champagne included which will save you on your beverage costs.  Brunches also have so much food that you won’t have to worry about what is being served.

3.  Use the existing linen.  Renting linen can really add up.  Why not let your centerpiece be the focal decor?  In most hotels, they have white linen which works perfectly for a wedding!

4.  Centerpieces can be a big expense.  I have talked about using glass cylinders in my other blogs but here is another idea.  Ask the hotel is they have mirror display plates and votives.  If they do place the mirror plate in the center of the table and put 3-4 votives on the edge. Then add flowers and some greenery.  Very inexpensive and still a beautiful elegant look!

5.  Instead of napkin holders use ribbon.  Ribbon can vary in price so you can be the judge on how much you are willing to spend. Ribbon with its own wire is truly the nest.  It will hold it’s shape keeping the look perfect.  Ribbon can be used to tie the napkins, decorate the chair back and even be part of the centerpiece.

6.  Photographers can be a big cost.  Today everyone is taking photos with their cell phones.  You can put throwaway cameras on the tables buy why not ask everyone to take photos on their phone and email it to you?

7. If there is one thing you should skimp on it’s entertainment. I don’t say that you have to spend a fortune but rather whatever you decide to search out the best.  There are DJs and there are DJs.  A great DJ can really make a party.  A bad DJ will have your guests leaving early.  You decide whether that’s good or bad.

8.  Wedding cakes are one of the most expensive pastries if not the most.  We all want a beautiful cake but do we really have to go into hock for a pastry? A trend that has been becoming very popular is gourmet cupcakes.  They are decorative and delicious.  You can have a variety of flavors and there is even a stand to make them look like a cake.

To me, the beauty of the wedding is that two people found and love each other and have decided to become a family.  All the other elements will be gone is a few hours.  The marriage is a lifetime (we hope!).


Happy Planning!


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